About Us

Athena Multiskills is a new initiative in Lucknow to enhance the employability potential of the young professionals, as also students seeking to choose a career for themselves. The primary effort is to create awareness of the sense of professionalism that exists in various sectors of the economy and to guide the serious-minded students and those on the threshold of entering the job market as to how they can improve their employability prospects. We also seek to guide those with latent potential - such as the housewives with well developed time management skills - to find their true calling.

We help by working on your strengths and eliminating any perceptible edges in your personal styles and attitudes which may not be looked at favorably by prospective employers or by those with whom you interact on professional or personal basis.

Our approach is radically different from that adopted by organizations undertaking similar activity in the large metros, in that we have virtually no class room situations and almost the entire training schedule is in the form of personal mentoring, which would enable one to be more candid in clearing one’s doubts and in seeking totally customized guidance. In our scheme of things, you would be encouraged to develop your own personal profile, link it with your own career related ambitions and then allow us to guide you through interplay of various types of training modules best suited to meet your very unique needs. Furthermore, you will have total freedom to decide on the periodicity and frequency of your training sessions so that the same do not clash with any of your own academic or professional commitments.

We do not make any tall claims to develop your personality. We would try to give you different perspectives on all matters relevant to your career ambitions and your life style related expectations in the context of the complexities of modern living, so that you can chart out your own paths in the journey that is life. Trust us. We mean business.