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Athena Net Coaching is an arm of Athena Multiskills educational consultancy in Gomti Nagar, Lucknow. Since Athena Multiskills provides coaching and counseling pertaining to a large number of activities, including those for various career defining national exams held annually or bi-annually, it has been decided to create as a separate academic service which could respond speedily to the needs of the ever increasing number of aspirants for the UGC NET and CSIR NET exams held bi-annually.

The raison d'être for is providing individual guidance to each and every NET aspirant who comes to us for help and guidance. We are acutely sensitive to the fact that in these stressful times, aspirants coming to Lucknow from smaller district towns face the problem of meeting their lodging and boarding requirements at affordable costs. Almost invariably, the cost of staying in Lucknow for four to six months to gain sufficient academic confidence for UGC NET is several times more than the coaching fee itself. It creates financial strain for the middle class families to which most of the aspirants belong. That is why we always find time to keep the academic interaction very purposeful and highly focused through classes held 5 to 6 days a week.

UGC NET is a tough exam by any standard. Its Paper 1 matches the Civil Service Prelims papers in the depth of knowledge expected from the candidate. A large number of talented aspirants who do very well in Paper 2 and 3 are not able to score high marks in Paper 1 because they do not pay sufficient attention to developing general awareness up to requisite standards. This is where our in-house expertise in civil service gives that crucial footing to the NET aspirant in performing well in Paper 1. provides the best value for money in terms of depth and range of academic content and affordability from the point of view of overall cost in guest houses, ladies hostel etc. for the period during which the aspirants remain with us.

We welcome all serious minded aspirants to our UGC NET coaching and our CSIR NET coaching programs.

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